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WLJ Consulting helps companies and individuals in the live event audiovisual community Be BETTER Now. Our services focus on improving the core elements of a company: people, processes, and technology. The results maximize their efficiency, effectiveness, customer satisfaction, culture, capabilities, and profit.

The Core Elements

We believe the foundation of a successful company is to focus on building around these core elements. Why? It’s simple, having the right people, that have efficient and effective processes, utilizing the right technology will drive a positive culture for success.


Do you have a strategy in place? When was the last time you reviewed it and is it agile enough to keep up with today’s workforce? Every company should have a strategy in place in an environment that has a positive culture with a structure that creates jobs for smart people to do fantastic work.


Are the processes you have in place no longer useful and need a tune-up? Does training and implementing new procedures present a challenge and take too long? While many business processes and best practices exist, most companies learn what to do and how to do it through trial and error.


How do you know you’re using the right technology tools to maximize the capabilities of your company? When was the last time you assessed & procured new technology through a bid process? Have you fully implemented the technology tools you own? Using the right technology will empower your company to be highly productive and creative.

Our Services

There are thousands of consultants, but very few have almost two decades of hands-on experience leading & building successful live event audiovisual companies. Our core areas of focus are Business Operations, Financial Mangement, Sales and Business Development. Below are a few of the services that we specialize.

Company Assessment

Getting a health examination can be for when you feel something is wrong or when you want to make sure you’re taking the proactive steps to maintain good health. With a company assessment, we conduct a full examination of your company and provide you with feedback on where you stand today and the preventative care you want to maintain to keep your company healthy down the road.

Technology Assessment & Procurement

With the many technology tools available for live event audiovisual companies to operate their business, not many companies have the time and resources to access these products and make the best decision of what is the right fit. With our many years of experience utilizing, testing, accessing, training and implementing a number of technology tools we can support you with the researching, procuring, transitioning, training and implementation of software technology solutions.

Business Process Analysis

Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is the definition of insanity. So why do many live event audiovisual companies find themselves stuck with the answer of “we’ve always done it this way.”  Now it doesn’t make it right or wrong, but you won’t know if what your doing is the best way if you don’t consistently review and try new ways to improve upon it. If you find yourself using that answer in several areas of your operation, then a business process analysis is just what you need to review your existing processes to learn if there is a way to improve upon them that maximizes efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability.

Change Management

When was the last time you made a significant change in your company? Wasn’t easy I bet. The fact is making changes are challenging, and not many people like it.  Live event audiovisual companies have to become agiler to implement change as needed. We can help you have the right conversations, with the right plan to make change something that is not hard but expected and welcomed.

Strategic Planning & Development

When you started your company, you had an idea, passion, and skills which were enough to get you going with a handful of employees and clients that have trusted you. Now its time to figure out where your headed and how you are going to get there. Building a strategy helps put your company to achieve the long-term goals you set forth. Leading without a strategy is walking the trail of the unknown. Through our strategy development process, we help you establish a clear direction with an outlined plan of how to get there.

Business Tools Creation

On every DIY home improvement show, the expert always says having the right tools make a difference. In business, this is no different; it’s even more critical. Imagine how having a poor compensation plan can drive a negative sales behavior or having a project profitability sheet that doesn’t account for the right details. These are just some examples of the many tools that need to be top notch in your toolbox to build a stable, sustainable, successful company. If you’re not sure which of your tools are the right ones, or you need a new set, we can help you with these challenges.

Business Process Mapping & Documentation

Many live event audiovisual companies don’t have documented processes, procedures and best practices which makes it difficult to onboard and train new and existing staff or develop and implement new systems. By mapping and documenting your processes, procedures and best practices you create an environment that allows for continuous improvement and consistency in onboarding and training. The results will help you continuously deliver a great experience to your customers.


Training & Talent Development

People are what we believe is one of the core elements of a company. They are what companies say the difference is between them and their competition. Training and developing your people should be priority #1. Establishing roles and responsibilities and a career path within the company is just the start of building your talent pipeline. We support companies with various training content or serve as a resource to find content that that reinforces your best practices & standards.

Implementation Services

Having the right plan of action is just half the battle. Most live event audiovisual companies resources are maxed out, so when it comes to implementing a new action plan, this becomes a burden to the organization. That’s where we step in. Whether it’s a plan we helped you develop or not WLJ Consulting can help lead the implementation of your new program in addition to our existing services or as a standalone service. Making sure your company has the right tools and resources to be successful is critical. Let us be a resource that helps you succeed.

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