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This past weekend, I went to see the highly anticipated Captain Marvel movie.

Usually, I’ll wait until a movie comes to Redbox, but a Marvel movie seems to draw me to the theater.

People typically show up to these movies for the action… which Captain Marvel had plenty of. But this particular movie also had a powerful message with two lessons I believe many of us could relate to.

(Now before you stop reading, I promise you there are no spoiler alerts ahead!) 

Outside of Captain Marvel just being a pure badass, she struggled with finding her inner strength that could truly unlock her superpowers.

At some point in all our lives, someone’s told us there’s something we can’t do. Or better yet, we try something and fail. Failure tends to bring doubt, and when we doubt, we quit.

I remember in high school, I was in a horrible baseball slump. It was weeks since my last hit. I had a nagging knee injury. Worst of all, my specialty in stealing bases had become a liability. (I’d been thrown out stealing multiple times during this time).

The slump that got in my head, and one day I left practice early and told a few guys I was done. Not just “done with practice”. I was quitting. In my mind, I just knew I couldn’t overcome the slump or knee injury. I truly believed I wasn’t good enough to be on the team any longer.

The day after I quit, my coach found me. He reminded me of what I’d already accomplished and how far I’d come. He said if I focused on that, I’d regain my confidence and shake my mental funk.

It worked.

I realized I had the strength to overcome my challenges, and all I needed was something small to spark my energy to overcome future obstacles.

If you have kids, you’ve probably told them not to say, “I can’t.”

Why? Because we don’t want them to establish self-doubt and quit.

So what happens when you don’t quit? What happens when you push through the challenges you face and persevere?

You find your superpower.

What holds us back from achieving greatness is typically the doubt we’ve established in our minds.

We lose the desire to challenge ourselves to be better than we were the day before.

Sure… we may get knocked down a few times. But that doesn’t mean we can’t wake up the next day with the same goal of being better than before.

If you’ve pushed through challenges in the past, you know this feeling. Just like Captain Marvel, you feel unstoppable — like nothing can stand in your way or defeat you on your mission.

As a leader, it’s important. You help others recognize their strengths because if they’re full of self-doubt, they’ll never achieve their real potential.

Imagine having an organization full of superheroes who have the strength to not only persevere through their challenges but to help others on their team do the same.

Like the enemies of Captain Marvel, your competition won’t stand a chance.